Leslie Herod Statement on Black History Month

Weds., Feb. 1, 2023 — Leslie Herod released the following statement on the beginning of Black History Month:

“Every February presents a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions, histories, stories and impacts of Black people throughout the U.S. This year, I am excited to shine a light on some of the most influential Black people in Denver who either transformed or are still transforming our great city. Trailblazers like Barney Ford, who fought to ensure that Colorado was the first state to give African Americans the right to vote, even before the federal government. From museums and Black-owned small businesses to living legends and fascinating landmarks, we’ll be highlighting their incredible impacts every day.

“As we begin Black History month, we have much to celebrate, but we also have more work to do. This is also a time when we must reflect and recommit ourselves to fighting for racial justice. Just days ago, Tyre Nichols was beaten to death by police officers - and it’s clear broad reforms are still desperately needed throughout the U.S. I am proud to have passed the nation’s first sweeping police accountability law that included ending qualified immunity, requiring law enforcement to use body cameras, and creating a duty to intervene statute. I’m also proud to have championed the CROWN Act in Colorado, which ensures protections for folks who are being discriminated against because of the way their hair grows naturally. I’ll honor Denver’s Black trailblazers by continuing to fight for justice and equality for all - not just this month, but always.”