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Dear Denver,
I love this city
We imagined a great city, built a world class airport and a vibrant downtown, partnered with the region to develop an interconnected transportation system, and elevated Denver’s presence globally.

We’re on the map, Denver. There’s so much to be proud of. But, now it’s time to look inward. The pandemic challenged us in ways we never imagined. Denver is changing. We can and must have a vision for Denver that acknowledges our strengths and defines our future. We are ready to tackle our toughest issues of homelessness, crime, and affordable housing.

Denver is ready for someone with experience and a record of achievement. From championing ground-breaking alternative policing programs to passing and managing tens of millions of dollars annually to treat mental health and substance use disorders, I’ve spent my entire career putting results over politics. As your Mayor, I will strive every day to ensure all Denver residents and business owners are provided a path for success.
Denver is ready
Launch party
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Please contribute
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Leslie needs your help to show that the people of Denver are ready for a new direction. Please contribute $5 or more today to prove that a people-powered campaign can succeed, and that the City of Denver is ready for bold leadership.
Leslie is not a business as usual candidate. She is exactly what Denver needs now.
Former First Lady of Colorado and Campaign Treasurer
A mayor who will deliver for our greatest strength, the people: YOU. It will take all of us to make the hard decisions necessary to get this city we love moving again.
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Real housing solutions.
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Safe, clean, and strong neighborhoods.
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A strategic plan to address homelessness and mental health support.
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A transportation and mobility network that puts people first.
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A bold climate action agenda.
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A well-balanced economy and thriving business community.
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An efficient and sustainable city government.
We're just getting started, denver, ARE YOU READY?
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Leslie’s campaign for mayor will be driven by and for the people of Denver.