Leslie Herod Releases Economic Development and Small Business Platform

Leslie Herod released her Economic Development and Small Business Platform today. The plan was developed in conjunction with community members and business leaders to ensure that Denver’s growth is equitable, sustainable, and helps lift everyone up. 

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” said Leslie Herod. “We need to work with our community to reduce unnecessary government impediments so that our businesses can thrive. As Mayor, I’ll listen to our small business owners and ensure that the City is there to support them, not get in the way.”

"As an international business owner who has worked across the globe for the past 30 years, the successful cities that I have seen are the ones that can navigate becoming global gateways while maintaining a downtown core with a safe and vibrant quality of life,” said A. Barry Hirschfeld, Jr., President & CEO of Asia Investment Partners, Inc. “Leslie's economic development platform does just that by balancing smart growth with policies that benefit everyone."

Leslie’s Economic Development and Small Business Platform Highlights:

  • Supporting Businesses
  • Supporting Neighborhoods
  • Creating a Safe, Strong and Vibrant Downtown
  • Making City Government More Efficient through Accountability
  • Small Business Advocacy and Equity
  • Making Denver a Global Gateway City

"Leslie's economic development plan understands the interconnectedness of the ecosystem of the Denver economy,” said Danielle Shoots, Founding Partner and Managing Director of NCTF-Denver. “The economic circle of life requires that every decision made in and for education, housing, workforce development and businesses is interconnected in a way that will either create economic growth or continue to erode it. Reviving the small business community will be critical in creating a foundation for where people eat, play, work, start and grow families and rest their heads at night. To stabilize and diversify small businesses is to stabilize and diversify the economy of Denver for today and for the market we hope to be for the next generation."