Wellington E. Webb Endorses Leslie Herod for Denver Mayor

Wellington E. Webb Endorses Leslie Herod  for Denver Mayor

DENVER, COLO. — Weds., Jan. 25, 2023 — Former Denver mayor Wellington E. Webb today announced his endorsement for Leslie Herod for mayor of Denver.

“Denver is changing, and is on the cusp of going one of two ways. I believe that Leslie Herod represents a new generation of leadership for Denver, and is exactly what this city needs to steer it in a positive direction. 

“Denver is ready for a mayor who will bring the community together and really listen to them. We recently saw Leslie bring people together after the Club Q shooting. She consoled victims and lifted spirits, providing inspiration in the midst of despair. 

“Leslie brings fresh ideas and energy - and she’s a fighter. Many candidates have good ideas on paper, but to actually be able to execute is a unique talent. I’ve seen Leslie bring people together to get real results. 

“A mayor must also step into the job with vision. Leslie’s work on the STAR Program is a perfect example. She understood that there was a mental health crisis in Denver and saw a path forward. She brought the smartest people to the table - from members of law enforcement to public health officials to substance use disorder experts - she came up with bold ideas, and she implemented them to create a meaningful solution. I know she will continue to bring bold solutions as Denver’s mayor, and she will be a mayor we can all be proud of,” said the Honorable Wellington E. Webb.

“I am humbled Mayor Webb chose to endorse me - he has a lot of friends in the race and he chose to support our campaign. He made history and bore the torch of change before passing it along to others like me,” said Herod.

“Mayor Webb created a safe city open to everybody regardless of who they were or who they loved. He helped reduce crime and bridge the divides between people. Those same challenges once again face Denver. To have his trust and guidance to lead the city he helped build is a great honor.

“Denver remains a welcoming city to those that can afford to live here - unfortunately that limits the people that can thrive here. We need to change that. We need to get back to a place where a military brat and closeted kid can be welcomed, supported, find a job and housing to be able to stay here!

“Wellington Webb has been a champion for Coloradans and the people of Denver for decades — as a teacher, state representative, city auditor, and as mayor of Denver. He understands the importance of tackling tough challenges, and he has been a great mentor to me. He has helped me think through tough issues like criminal justice reform and middle income housing. 

“We have a plan and are ready to execute in the same bold ways he did for our city 20 years ago. I don’t take this honor lightly and look forward to everything we can accomplish together,” said Leslie Herod.

To learn more about Leslie’s vision for Denver, visit www.leslieformayor.com, and follow her on Facebook @LeslieForDenver, Twitter @LeslieHerod and Instagram @LeslieHerod.