Leslie Herod Releases Housing Affordability and Transportation Platforms

Leslie Herod released her Housing Affordability and Transportation Platforms today. The plans were developed collaboratively with community members and sustainability leaders to bring real solutions to Denver’s housing problems and transportation woes.

“Safe, healthy, accessible, affordable housing is a human right. Yet a stable home has become a luxury many in Denver cannot afford. As mayor, I will fight for resources to create truly affordable housing and end chronic homelessness, zoning reforms to prioritize fair housing and affordable homes for families, protections to stabilize tenants, and ways to expand permanent affordability,” said Leslie Herod. “This plan is a multi-pronged approach to our housing crisis that ensures current renters and homeowners can afford to live here, while also ensuring that our unhoused neighbors have access to both housing and supports to help get them back on track.”

Leslie’s Housing Affordability Platform Highlights:

  • An Urban Renaissance for Denver
  • A More Efficient Housing System
  • A Social Housing Competition - Use What We Already Have
  • Zoning and Building Code Innovation
  • Partner with the Middle Income Housing Authority & Denver Public Schools
  • Create Denver’s First Office of Community Led Group Development

“Leslie’s housing plan is just like her: equitable, transformational, actionable and ready to serve Denver on day one,” said Peter F. Lifari, CEO of Maiker Housing Partners. “I wholeheartedly endorse Leslie’s plan - which is unlike any I’ve seen from any American mayor be they sitting or campaigning. Leslie is ready, Denver is ready, and this is the plan to facilitate the housing renaissance Denverites so desperately require.”

“As someone who works across the housing and homeless continuum, I applaud Leslie's innovative approach to housing. In order to address our housing crisis and the need for Housing First models, we must look toward innovative solutions such as co-living initiatives and broadening our social housing options. Leslie's housing plan implements a community-driven, Housing First model, ensuring we aren't relying solely on new builds and Low Income Housing Tax Credit initiatives,” said Dr. Kathlen Van Voorhis, CEO of Community Investment Alliance. “Our current housing system has failed to keep even our teachers and firefighters housed, and Metro Denver saw a 99% increase in first-time homelessness last year alone. Without innovative solutions like those seen in Leslie's plan, we cannot expect to see a decrease in homelessness, or a livable city that allows everyone to flourish. This innovative plan demonstrates Leslie's proven ability to think outside of the traditional box to work toward bold but achievable outcomes that will have incredible social impact.

Herod also released her transportation platform.

“Try to move around Denver these days and it quickly becomes obvious--we can do better. From traffic jams to lack of safe bike lanes, getting around our great city is a pain and the amount of cars sitting in traffic only adds to our pollution and climate problems,” said Herod. “We have taken a comprehensive approach to revamping our city’s transportation system so people can move around easily and safely. Better transportation also means a stronger economy and cleaner air. Everyone wins when our city is connected.”

Leslie’s Transportation Platform Highlights:

  • Creating a Balance
  • Focus on Pedestrian Mobility
  • Make Cycling Easier & Safer
  • Convenient, Reliable, and Affordable Transit
  • Being Strategic About Remote Working
  • Making Vision Zero Work
  • Reducing Wait Times for Cyclists and Pedestrians
  • Manage Transportation & Land Use Together
  • More Options for Getting to Other Places
  • Improving Public Transit Options & Accessibility

“As Denver's first Chief Sustainability Officer, I know what it takes to get efficient, affordable and equitable mobility. It takes a leader like Leslie who thinks systemically and understands how all the parts of the transportation system are connected with each other and with land use policies. Leslie knows that plans need to go into implementation, not onto shelves. She will put implementation first,” said Jerry Tinianow, former Chief Sustainability Officer for the City and County of Denver.

To read the entire Housing Affordability and Transportation platforms, please visit www.leslieformayor.com. To learn more about Leslie’s vision for Denver, follow her on Facebook @LeslieForDenver, Twitter @LeslieHerod and Instagram @LeslieHerod.