Leslie Herod Releases Homelessness Plan

Leslie Herod released her Homelessness Plan today. The plan is community-based, taking input from numerous Denver residents and homelessness experts to help ensure we get people into indoors safe spaces while they transition to permanent housing. 

“Denver is ready for a new response to homelessness that includes comprehensive housing, services, and safety programs,” said Herod. “We are focused on getting people into safe spaces, connecting them with resources, and moving them quickly into permanent housing.”

Leslie’s Homelessness Plan Highlights:

  • Use emergency powers to help people quickly
  • Replace failed policies with comprehensive housing, services, and safety programs
  • Coordinated and effective person-centered care
  • Getting people into permanent housing quickly and safely
  • Creating jobs and training programs
  • Everyone deserves basic human services
  • Improve access for mental health services and substance use treatment
  • Improve our housing culture

To read the entire Homelessness Plan, and to follow along as we continue to roll-out priority policy positions throughout the campaign, please visit www.leslieformayor.com.

To learn more about Leslie’s vision for Denver, visit www.leslieformayor.com, and follow her on Facebook @LeslieForDenver,Twitter @LeslieHerod and Instagram @LeslieHerod.