Leslie Herod Releases Community-Based Public Health Plan

Leslie Herod released her Public Health Plan today. The plan is community-based, taking input from numerous Denver residents and public health experts to ensure Denver can become the healthiest city in the nation. 

“Denver thrives when we all can get the care we need, however, people are falling through the cracks today. We must ensure health care access is equitable. This includes treatment for mental health and addiction services,” said Herod. “Our plan focuses on ensuring public physical and mental health care access is ubiquitous across the city for everyone.”

"Leslie is a bold leader who prioritizes the health and well-being of every person in Denver. She understands that health is not just the absence of disease but it is helping people thrive in a safe community so that they can grow to their full potential. She understands that protecting and enhancing the public's health takes both innovative thinking and radical empathy," said Dr. Josh Barocas, Physician and Public Health Expert.

Leslie’s Public Health Plan Highlights:

  • Addressing the homelessness crisis
  • Curbing overdose deaths
  • Racism as a public health emergency/issue
  • Expanding mental health care
  • Establishing a pandemic preparedness process and plan
  • Protecting reproductive rights
  • Reducing gun violence 
  • Ensuring the availability of clean water and sanitation for all Denverites
  • Focusing on schools

To read the entire Public Health Plan, and to follow along as we continue to roll-out priority policy positions throughout the campaign, please visit www.leslieformayor.com.

To learn more about Leslie’s vision for Denver, visit www.leslieformayor.com, and follow her on Facebook @LeslieForDenver,Twitter @LeslieHerod and Instagram @LeslieHerod.