Leslie Herod Releases Climate & Sustainability Plan

Leslie Herod released her Climate and Sustainability Plan today immediately following Vice President Harris’s visit to Denver. The plan is a bold vision and community-based, taking input from numerous Denver residents and environmental experts to help ensure that Denver has clean air to breathe, and takes a leadership role in protecting our climate.

“As someone that suffers from asthma, I am keenly aware of how many bad air days Denver has had in recent years,” said Herod. “We also know that the impacts of climate change will hit our most vulnerable communities the hardest. It is time to deliver on Denver’s promises and make our city a national leader in reducing pollution, including those that contribute to climate change.”

Leslie’s Climate & Sustainability Plan Highlights:

  • Clean air for our bodies and our planet
  • Leveraging our energy partnership With Xcel
  • Electrifying our buildings
  • Developing a clean mobility system
  • Resilience infrastructure in vulnerable communities first
  • Recycling, composting and circularity
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Holding the city accountable 
  • Forming alliances
  • Improving and expanding the Denver Climate Office

Leslie’s plan creates an opportunity to make Denver a truly green city, and Denverites need a leader who is ready to listen and implement bold solutions. 

But she won’t do it alone. Denver will partner at the state and federal level to combat the climate crisis head on. Vice President Harris echoed this sentiment as she touted President Biden’s Climate Plan today. 

“If you have a state as bold as Colorado to actually be able to implement policies and show people that beyond a concept or an idea, that it actually works. And it works for the betterment and improvement of everyone’s life for generations. I remain very optimistic.”

To read Leslie’s entire Climate & Sustainability Plan, please visit www.leslieformayor.com