Leslie Herod Partners with Local Housing Space Tech Firm to Tackle Denver’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Herod and Madelon team-up to identify over 80 city-owned, residential-zoned lots to quickly build housing

The Leslie for Mayor campaign today announced a partnership with local housing space technology innovator Madelon to create housing solutions that can be implemented in Denver immediately. More than 80 city-owned lots that are zoned for residential development have been identified to create housing immediately, which can be viewed on leslieformayor.com.

“We all know that housing affordability is at a crisis level in Denver, and our campaign has been talking about the city-owned vacant lots across the city,” said Herod. “We’ve identified under-utilized city-owned lots where affordable housing can be built upon immediately. Our plan will help people living with the threat of becoming homeless stay housed, keep people who love our city to be able to afford to stay here, and rejuvenate the blighted vacant lots across Denver.”

The community can see Madelon’s interactive renderings of the city lots in a “before-and-after” view on the Leslie for Mayor website. Madelon’s REDtech platform is also connected with a group of pre-vetted prefab manufacturers that have the designs and processes in place to construct the exact building analyzed on the platform. 

​​”A key difference between Leslie Herod’s housing plan and the other platforms out there is the determination to take action and do something about it immediately. This technology platform connects the software and hardware so we can finally build the housing we need, at scale,” said Dane Andrews, Chief Operating Officer at Madelon. “We can help solve the housing crisis by working together to unlock all the city owned residentially zoned lots to quickly and cost effectively build the supply we desperately need. Linking these elements together will also help bring rents down and even revive the much-needed starter home. This is the future of affordable housing, and Denver can lead the way.” 

The community is invited to check out the renderings, which show how the buildings are attainable in Denver right now and are designed to mesh with and expand on the unique character of the neighborhoods they’re in. The buildings depicted will be sustainably built, walkable, bikeable, close to public transportation, and offer more than four walls and a roof.

“Leslie’s housing plan is just like her: equitable, transformational, actionable and ready to serve Denver on day one,” said Peter F. Lifari, CEO of Maiker Housing Partners. “I wholeheartedly endorse Leslie’s plan - which is unlike any I’ve seen from any American mayor be they sitting or campaigning. Leslie is ready, Denver is ready, and this is the plan to facilitate the housing renaissance Denverites so desperately require.”


To learn more about Leslie’s vision for Denver, please visit www.leslieformayor.com, follow her on Facebook @LeslieForDenver, Twitter @LeslieHerod and Instagram @LeslieHerod.