Leslie Herod Endorsed by More Than 50 Women Leaders, Including the Hon. Wilma Webb

The Hon. Wilma J. Webb and over 50 other notable women leaders today announced their endorsement and support for Leslie Herod’s candidacy for mayor of Denver. The women who are supporting Leslie range from small business owners to doctors, educators, community activists and legislators. 

“Leslie has a proven record of leadership to make our communities, cities, states and our nation more livable and desirable places in which to live - no matter who you are," said the Hon. Wilma J. Webb, former state legislator and former First Lady of Denver. "There are so many instances where Leslie’s actions have made life better for so many people everywhere.”


“To earn the endorsement from these incredible women leaders here today is an honor I do not take lightly. I am humbled to be supported by pioneering women like the Hon. Wilma Webb, Dottie Lamm, Nita Gonzales, Wanda James, as well as the dozens of other leaders who make Denver a better place because of their leadership,” said Leslie Herod. “As Denver’s first woman mayor, I commit to making this city the best in the nation for all women. We will do this by designing safe and inclusive spaces for women, including women in leadership roles in my cabinet, pushing for policies and funding that support our children and elders, giving our women-owned small businesses and startups the tools they need to be successful, accelerating our women artists and creatives, ensuring Denver is a safe city for abortion access, and actively supporting the freedom to make reproductive health care choices. As Denver’s next mayor, I will fight for women in this city every day.”

Additional Quotes from Today’s Endorsers:

“Leslie Herod has spent her entire career bringing groups of people together to collaborate and solve the most complex problems in our community. She creates real results and concrete change,“ said Dottie Lamm, Leslie for Mayor Treasurer and former First Lady of Colorado. “Leslie is not a business as usual candidate. She is exactly what Denver needs now.”

“I’ve seen firsthand the impact of Leslie’s passion and advocacy. She’s fought for women’s rights and the rights of others by bringing people together, including those across the aisle. She will bring this same collaborative spirit to the Denver Mayor’s Office to solve even the toughest of issues,” said State Sen. Faith Winter.

“The Gonzales family is supporting Leslie for Denver’s next mayor because of her inherent values for humanity, equity and justice. We have known Leslie for 20 years, and we have witnessed her commitment to Denver’s Chicanos, Mexicanos and Latinos. She has brought more resources to this community than anyone else, including ensuring Servicios de la Raza has the resources needed to provide quality mental health access to the community and ensuring that the STAR program is staying true to its purpose of serving the people. No one works harder than Leslie, and she will make us all proud as mayor,” said Nita Gonzales, daughter of the Chicano movement and community activist. 

“I had the honor of working with Leslie at CU Boulder when racial issues became front and center when she was a student. What impressed me the most about her was how she stood up for people. I continue to see her stand up for people - from ensuring that women in prison have access to feminine products, to creating the CROWN Act that makes it illegal for women to be discriminated against for the way they wear their hair. And she has stood up for me as a small business owner in Denver - she is committed to making sure women business owners have a voice at the table. Denver is ready for a leader who stands up for its people; Denver is ready for Leslie Herod,” said CU Regent Wanda James

The following women leaders have signed their names in support of Leslie Herod for Mayor of Denver:

Alexandra Acker-Lyons

State Rep. Jennifer Bacon

Dr. Bridget Bailey

Katina Banks

Hon. Adrienne Benavidez

Elizabeth Bennett

Michelle Blessing

Barbara Bridges

Ellen Bruss

Sen. Janet Buckner

Brenda Burgos

Jessie Capstick

Merle Chambers

Jazmin Chavez

JoAnna Cintron

Vicki Cowart

Hon. Kerry Donovan

Sen. Rhonda Fields

Hazel Gibson

Nita Gonzales

Kourtnie Harris

Dr. Janet Hartmann

Laurie Hirschfeld Zeller

Emily Hope Dobkin

CU Regent Wanda James

Barbara Kreisman

Hon. Dottie Lamm

Courtney Law

Carol Lay

Sylvie Lerner

Dr. Jill Liss

Marie Logsden

Heather Lurie

Sara Luther

Hon. Rosemary Marshall

Erika Massaquoi

Allison McGee Johnson

Lorez Meinhold

Anna Michaels-Boffy

Julie Mosley

Alexis Newton

Wheat Ridge City Council Member Val Nosler Beck

Stephanie O'Malley

Dr. Alison Patterson

Melanie Pease Davidson

Stephanie Rance

Rep. Naquetta Ricks

Hon. Gail Schoettler

Susan Shamos

Danielle Shoots

Anne Singleton

Shaylisa Turner

Piep van Heuven

Nga Vương-Sandoval

Hon. Wilma Webb

Linda Weiss

Tran Nguyen - Wills

State Sen. Faith Winter