Leslie Herod Agrees with Denver Post Editorial Board; Calls Ballot Measure 2O “A Bad Deal For Denver”

Leslie Herod announced today that she is in agreement with the Denver Post Editorial board and opposes Referred Question 2O, the Park Hill development measure. 

“Conservation easements have significant value, which is why I voted to strengthen them in the State Legislature,” said Leslie Herod. “The Denver Post got it right when they said that ballot measure 2O is a bad deal for Denver. We have so little undeveloped land left in the city and Denver is ready to move past the era where developers dictate the future of our city. I’m committed to ensuring there is visionary community engagement and participation from day one as we shape our city's future.”

Referred Question 2O would release the City-owned conservation easement on the Park Hill Golf Course. A Denver Post editorial on Feb. 27, 2023 noted that “the city never appraised the value of the easement” and “the city also did not account for the value of the donations and concessions in the agreements.” 

The editorial continued, “The value of all the known and estimated donations and concessions … is about $65.5 million.” However, according to the editorial, the total market value of the easement is approximately $184 million. “While I agree that we need more affordable housing, grocery options, and intelligently developed neighborhoods,” Leslie added, “one cannot overlook the gross miscarriage of taxpayer dollars in this deal.”

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