Herod Releases Transformational Community Safety Plan

Denver Mayoral Candidate Leslie Herod Releases Transformational Community Safety Plan

DENVER, COLO. — Tues., Jan. 24, 2023 — Leslie Herod released her Community Safety Plan today. The transformational approach to community safety would incorporate a wide gamut of change - from adding investigators to the Denver Police Department to increasing law enforcement accountability, getting guns off our streets, curbing youth violence, and creating safer, caring solutions to deal with the city’s homeless population. Herod’s Community Safety Plan will make the city safer for everyone, no matter what part of town they live in.

“Many Denverites don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods. That is unacceptable and must change,” said Herod. “Denver is ready for a leader who will bring transformational solutions to our city’s safety challenges. Every person deserves to feel safe in our great city - whether they’re a family at the park, a protester marching in front of the Capitol, or an unhoused person facing a crisis. With bold leadership, community trust and buy-in, and a strong sense of collective compassion and responsibility, we can ensure that Denver is a safe place for all of our neighbors.” 

The Herod Community Safety Plan has attracted praise from across the aisle and public safety experts.

“Denver is ready for a leader who will bring people together to create real solutions. I’ve worked in public safety for decades, and I am impressed with the way Leslie always puts people over politics. She is committed to collaborating with experts and advocates to create results for communities - something rarely seen in today’s world,” said former Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections Dean Williams. “Today's released prisoner is potentially tomorrow's homeless person or crime perpetrator. Like me, Leslie believes that people who are released from the criminal justice system to Denver must have meaningful support and sensible supervision. Leslie will work with community partners to make sure that those released from prison are tomorrow's good neighbors, not a revolving door statistic that further drives up crime.”

As the daughter of a law enforcement officer, Herod understands the need to support our officers and first responders. As a staunch champion of criminal justice reform she also knows that transparency, integrity, and accountability in policing are essential to true community safety. 

“If ever there was a time in Denver’s history for bold solutions to Denver’s crime and safety challenges, it’s now. Leslie Herod is ready to reimagine what safety in Denver looks like,” said former Republican state legislator and attorney Cole Wist. “Leslie has a fresh and innovative approach on how to solve the city’s toughest challenges. Instead of politicizing issues, she focuses on creating solutions by bringing the smartest people together. I saw it at the legislature when she reached across the aisle to me to help solve problems rather than engage in the typical partisan bickering. Denver is ready for a leader who will employ that kind of collaborative approach to create a safe, vibrant city for all.”

Highlights from Leslie’s community safety plan:

  • Providing more, accountable police
  • Curbing youth violence
  • Getting guns off our streets
  • Stemming the rising tide of hate crimes
  • Keeping cars safe on our streets
  • Developing alternatives to jail
  • Reducing recidivism
  • Addressing root causes of crime

To read the entire Community Safety Plan, please visit www.leslieformayor.com

To learn more about Leslie’s vision for Denver, visit www.leslieformayor.com, and follow her on Facebook @LeslieForDenver,Twitter @LeslieHerod and Instagram @LeslieHerod.

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