teacher townhomes
1950 S Osage St
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1950 S Osage St1950 S Osage St
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3–bedroom and 3–bathroom apartments
Located close to several educational institutions
specific use for teachers and their families
Teacher townhomes on 1950 S Osage StTeacher Townhomes 1950 S Osage St
community–focused development
Denver is Ready to ensure that every person in the city is housed, safe, and secure. We can build housing right now that is sustainable, walkable, bikeable, and close to public transportation.

This complex features six three-bedroom townhomes to provide housing for teachers working in the local community and their families. Conveniently located within walking distance of several educational institutions, public transportation, and Ruby Hill Park, the complex is a prototype for more affordable housing of this type in the area.

It provides a good transition between the existing industrial character of the area and the single-family residences adjacent to it.

6 Townhomes: Three bedrooms, three bathrooms

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