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housing the unhoused

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Denver is ready to ensure everyone is housed, safe, and secure.

We all know that housing affordability is at a crisis level in Denver, and many people are talking about the city-owned vacant lots across the city. But Leslie has done the work. She has an actual plan to take action right now and get real results to help people living with the threat of becoming homeless stay housed, keeping people who love our city able to afford to stay here, and rejuvenating the blighted vacant lots across Denver.

Leslie has partnered with Madelon, a local technology innovator in the housing space, to create solutions that can be implemented immediately. Together, we have identified over 80 lots that are city-owned, zoned for residential development, and are ready for housing on day one.

Madelon has created renderings of what these lots can be. It is more than affordable housing - it is geared towards what people in Denver need right now. Every building depicted here will be sustainably built, walkable, bikeable, close to public transportation, and offer more than four walls and a roof.

These buildings are not only attainable in Denver right now, they are designed to mesh with and expand on the unique character of the neighborhoods they’re in. Artist studio and exhibition spaces, family-oriented housing with space for daycare built in, teacher and workforce-designed spaces, and green markets.

This is the future of affordable housing, and Denver can lead the way. Denver is ready to get everyone housed, safe, and secure together. Leslie imagines a city that goes beyond simply meeting our housing needs. Let’s build a better future together.


519 W 13th Ave

1309 N Elati St

1395 N Elati St

1359 N Elati St

1950 S Osage St

1950 S Osage St

765 S Broadway

765 S Broadway

1670 East 47th Ave

1670 East 47th Ave
Map of Denver
we need to take action
beyond just plans and proposals
A key difference between a Herod administration is the determination to take action. It will take a lot more than good will and proposals to provide housing to all Denverites.

That is why Leslie for Mayor and Madelon, a local technology innovator in the housing space, have teamed up to tackle this problem together. With their platform, REDtech, we can see exactly where and how much housing we can build all across our city.
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