Knock your block! Canvass for leslie

Every election season, campaigns ask folks to volunteer by striking up conversations with strangers. While our campaign is all about connecting people through common causes, we can’t say we don’t understand how intimidating or down-right scary it might be, so we’ve come up with a solution for everyone to get involved.

We know relational organizing is one of the best tools to get out the vote. We saw it in Mayor Wellington Webb’s “Sneaker Campaign,” where he used the power of grassroots connections and hard work to activate the entire city of Denver.

Now, it’s time for us to lace up our purple sneaks and hit the pavement, AND we’re starting right at our front doors. Whether you’re down to walk your dog or meet for coffee with the people in your neighborhood, our team is ready to give you the know-how to cut through the awkwardness and share Leslie’s plans for Denver with those you know and love.