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People from all over Denver have endorsed Leslie Herod for Mayor. See our how-to guide to make your own endorsement video or send us a photo and we will add to our Denver Family Album.
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At this pivotal time in Denver’s history, we need fresh, courageous, imaginative, and people-centered leadership. I have worked with Leslie in multiple capacities for over a decade and I have witnessed, firsthand, her promise to and actions toward social justice and systemic change.

Leslie gets shit done and I trust and support her vision to build a more equitable, thriving, and incredible city that works for everyone.
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The Gonzales family is supporting Leslie for Denver’s next mayor because of her inherent values for humanity, equity and justice. We have known Leslie for 20 years, and we have witnessed her commitment to Denver’s Chicanos, Mexicanos and Latinos.
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nita gonzales
chicano movement community activist
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Leslie has a proven record of leadership to make our communities, cities, states and our nation more livable and desirable places in which to live - no matter who you are. There are so many instances where Leslie’s actions have made life better for so many people everywhere.
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Hon. Wilma J. Webb
Former State Legislator and Former First Lady of Denver
Leslie’s experience in the legislature is very important for this new role because experience is going to matter with the challenges that Denver is facing. Leslie has never been afraid to say ‘that’s not working, let’s try something different’ - and that is a true leader. Denver is ready for somebody who puts people over politics. Denver is ready for Leslie Herod to be the next mayor of Denver.
dean williams
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Our city is at a pivotal moment and Leslie Herod is the proven and passionate leader who can help us chart a new path forward.
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courtney law
communications professional
Denver is ready. Ready for a Mayor like Leslie Herod. Someone who believes in police accountability, access to mental health services and someone who passes legislation like the crown act that supports authentic self-expression.
community leaders
As engaged community members passionate about bettering our community, Leslie Herod is our clear choice for Denver’s next mayor. Sara was born and raised in Denver and has spent her career working for small business. Susanna is a licensed social worker and mental health advocate.

To us, Leslie represents someone who gets what we -  a young, queer, interracial couple - are up against, and has the tools to make real change in our city. We are proud to support her campaign and to give her our vote.
community leaders
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I have known and worked with Leslie in her efforts to make Denver a wonderful place for everyone to live and work. I have seen first-hand that she has the vision and tenacity to solve the hard problems.
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My mother, Sally Luther, was one of the first women legislators in Minnesota. I grew up with a passion for politics...for making things work, for justice, for community. Leslie Herod is experienced, passionate, principled...and smart. In these fractured times, she is able to work across the aisle. We are fortunate to have some good candidates for Mayor.Leslie is the best.
sara luther
community leader
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I met Leslie as a fresh faced Legislative aid in the Colorado State Capitol and have watched her grow into the leader Denver needs. Leslie is a tenacious worker, valiant and influential leader, and strong representative of the people - and she will take these traits and more into office as Denver's next Mayor.
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I think the next mayor should work on homelessness, climate change, and building more parks. Leslie cares about all of these things and her favorite color is purple, just like me, so vote for Leslie.
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age 7
The next Mayor of Denver must not only have the vision to transform our city, but the leadership skills necessary to execute that vision. Leslie has proven time and again her ability to bring multiple and often times competing interests to the table, collaborate and ultimately create systemic change that benefits the people of Denver, especially our most vulnerable.I believe in Leslie and am honored to endorse her campaign.
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Leslie understands that government and the private sector need to work together to solve the climate crisis. She listens - and she knows that environmental justice requires big actions today.
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jonathan lyonS
Leslie is the inspiring leader Denver and the Metro area needs. She has the vision, empathy, and plan to solve the issues impacting neighboring communities, like homelessness and affordable housing. She finds hope in the people, small businesses, the art, and neighborhoods that make Denver thrive, and if Denver is thriving, surrounding communities thrive too!
Denver stands at a critical crossroad. Our next mayor will need intelligence, courage, integrity and tenacity for sure. But our city’s next leader will also need to be a patient listener, a person with heart and empathy, and a team builder with a record of success.Only one candidate checks all of these boxes – Leslie Herod.
cole wist
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Leslie is the mayor that Denver needs because she's not afraid to innovate. She doesn’t just make promises, she delivers for the people. Denver is ready for change and the candidate to lead that change is Leslie Herod.
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thomas hernandez
Leslie brings fresh ideas and energy – and she's a fighter
hon. wellington webb
Leslie is not a business as usual candidate. She is exactly what Denver needs now.
dottie lamm
FORMER first lady of colorado and campaign treasurer
photo credit: wikipedia
Nita Gonzalez with Leslie Herod
Hon. Wilma J. Webb with Leslie Herod
Courtney Law
Sylvie and Justin Toomer
Sara Luther
Leslie Herod supporter
Rosemary Marshall
Jerry Tinianow
Neal K. Walia
Susanna and Sara
Jonathan Lyons
Dottie Lamm
Wellinton Webb and Leslie Herod
Val Nosler Beck
Cole Wist
Tran Wills
Josh Wills
Abraham Lyons
Jonathan Lyons
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We want these videos to be authentic and represent the strong relationship you have with Leslie! Here are some ideas to talk about in your endorsement video.

Tell a story about Leslie

  • This can be something you accomplished together or the moment you realized that she would be the perfect Mayor for Denver.

Talk about policy issues you support.

  • Feel free to choose from the list below and discuss why these policy issues would be important to act on with Leslie as Mayor of the city.

Talk about her character.

  • Why do you think Leslie is right for this job? Is it because she’s a strong leader? Approachable? A good listener and would represent the constituents well? Let us know!
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  • Make sure your room is quiet so the microphone can pick up your audio (test before recording the whole video)
  • Make sure the mic on the bottom of the phone isn't blocked when your phone is perched up vertically.
  • If needed, you can use AirPods or headphones with a microphone to ensure the sound quality is strong.
Step 2: 
Keep it short
  • No need to go into a ton of detail. These videos should be :30 - 1:00 long in length.
  • If you have more to say, great! But we’d love to keep these videos short and accessible for people to view on social media or through the website.
  • Speak + Look directly into the phone as if you're Face-timing with your best friend! 
  • Most important! Don't forget to say “DENVER IS READY FOR…” at the beginning or end of your video.
STEP 3: 
Upload your video

When you upload your endorsement video, we’ll want to include a photo of yourself (or ideally one of you with Leslie) as the cover photo on the feed. Please include a high quality image along with your recording so we can properly promote this endorsement.

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Image credit: 303 Magazine
Portrait of Leslie Herod